The Financial Ombudsman has ruled that a complaint about the interest rates charged by Mortgage Agency Services Number Five Limited (MAS5) was justified, and has awarded SUBSTANTIAL compensation. To receive compensation each customer, past or present, in the first instance, needs to submit a complaint to MAS5. This website gives free advice about how to do this. YOU CAN SUBMIT A COMPLAINT ABOUT THE INTEREST RATES YOU HAVE BEEN CHARGED EVEN IF YOU HAVE TRANSFERRED YOUR MORTGAGE AWAY FROM MAS5 OR IF YOUR HOME HAS BEEN REPOSSESSED.

This website has been produced by Justice Domains Limited, a not-for-profit company, for Mortgage Agency Services Five Limited, a not-for-profit company, which has no connection with Mortgage Agency Services Number Five Limited, a for-extortionate-profit company, and any similarity in company names is purely coincidental. By using this website, you are agreeing to our disclaimer statement.

see the complaint template


If the rates of interest detailed in the complaint template are the same as the rates of interest you have paid then go ahead and follow the instructions on the complaint template page. Otherwise, see below.

Any problems?

If you're not sure what interest rates you have been charged then ask MAS5 to confirm by emailing

For free help if you have any other issues, or if you would be prepared to speak to an investigative TV researcher about your experience with MAS5 and the Co-op Bank - email

It's time for mas5 to pay up!